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The Trehy family history site

Some families know a great deal about their roots whereas others know very little. This site is my attempt to record what I've learned about our TREHY family history and to share it with everyone who may be interested. My mission is to locate as many Trehys as possible from all over the world, bringing them together to create one huge family tree. So, though you may not as yet have found a link to my Trehy line from Kilkenny, as each new lead is found it may unlock the clue that connects our families together.
Over the years I have come across very many Trehys from as far afield as the UK, Australia, the US, and even India. My Trehy Worldwide Family Tree site contains all these family lines.  Not all of them are directly related to me but I have found very many cousins and relatives I never knew existed and indeed have met up with some of them in person. I have had the pleasure, as a result of this site, of bringing back together many families who had lost contact  with each other. This makes my research worthwhile.
The Kilkenny Trehy site contains my own Trehy line from Kilkenny which can be traced back to 1765. If you are related to this line you can request membership of the site whereby you may add or update information, add photos, etc for your own immediate family only.
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